Violin Lessons in North York

Violin Lessons in North York

CDM offers quality one-on-one private violin lessons, starting at age 6. Our violin instructors are highly qualified and also have extensive professional performance experience. Private lessons are 30-minutes, 45-minutes or 1 hour.

What You Will Learn

Students will learn basic violin technique – holding the violin, proper bowing and first position on all strings. They will learn all of the notes on the treble staff and basic rhythms.

Children develop concentration, good posture, and beautiful tone in this supportive group environment.  Technique, musicianship and style are developed through the study and repetition of the repertoire pieces.

Violin Lesson Requirements

  • Chin rest with sponge
  • Violin & bow of the appropriate size for your child

Learn to Play Violin at Home

Our private violin lessons take place in one of our music rooms or you can learn from the comfort of your own home as we come to your location.

Are you interested in learning to play the violin? Or do you want to polish up on your skills? Then call us at 416-497-1793 for more information.

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My big daughter takes Mr. Tsang’s violin lesson because she needs to improve her skill while she’s having school violin classes in Grade 8. Mr. Tsang is a very experienced teacher. He knows how to improve your kid’s violin skills quickly. He always gives praising to my daughter, which encourages her a lot. I would say, don’t feel regretful that your kids didn’t have the chance to learn violin when they were little. With Mr. Tsang, even your 13-year-old kid could start to learn violin.
Sammi’s Mom
Playing music on piano is a beautiful thing to do, while practising piano is sometimes boring. But my daughter doesn’t feel any boring when she’s having piano lesson with Miss Yim. Miss Yim is a very nice and wonderful teacher. She brings fun to piano learning and inspires my daughter’s enthusiasm on piano. With Miss Yim’s teaching, my daughter has improved a lot! She told me, “Mom, I love piano class!” You can imagine how happy I was when I heard that. Loving music, that’s what a good teacher brings to you kid.
Megan is an excellent piano teacher. My two children enjoy learning new skills and theory from her. She is patient and supportive, yet strict at the same time. They practise at home on their own as their homework is enjoyable and manageable. Megan also encourages them to perform whenever possible. She is honest in her feedback and provides constructive criticism on how her students can improve. My children continue to improve in their piano technique. I feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful teacher for my kids!
Joanne L