Diversity, acceptance and healthy body image are core values in my family. So when I walked into CDM for the first time and saw students – girls and boys – and instructors of all shapes, sizes and races, I knew this was the place for my girls. The friendships they have forged with like-minded girls are comforting to me as a parent, and the standards set by Cheryl, Roxy and the other instructors make our girls better equipped to shine in the adult world and achieve their goals.
Julie R.
This is the second year My daughter takes Ballet class in CDM. She’s having wonderful time while dancing with all those same age girls. CDM has many professional dance teachers. They pass their skills along with their different styles and same passions to our little dancers. Every Tuesday while I’m waiting in the CDM hall way, having different age dancers walking by, I can feel the happiness of dancing. I also like the CDM summer camp. It gives a great opportunity to have fun and try different dances.
Grace, Sally's Mom
My 5 year old daughter had taken dance classed before at various city run programs since she was 3. In September of 2015, I registered my daughter into the CDM, 2015/2016 quick start program (non competitive program). I am quite please with CDM. The caliber of the teachers and the skills taught to the kids are at a significantly higher level than my prior experiences.

I find Roxy her Acro teacher to be very approachable and willing to take the time to help out and encourage the kids to reach their fullest potential. I am really glad with my decision to switch my daughter to a professional dance studio even thought she is in the non-competitive route. Her skill set, confidence and ability has improved dramatically since she has enrolled. The dance studio is clean, well lit and presents a very nice environment for the kids to learn. Most important of all my daughter loves going to class. I recommend this studio to parents I speak with all the time.

Melanie R.
My big daughter takes Mr. Tsang’s violin lesson becasue she needs to improve her skill while she’s having school violin classes in Grade 8. Mr. Tsang is a very experienced teacher. He knows how to improve your kid’s violin skills quickly. He always gives praising to my daughter, which encourages her a lot. I would say, don’t feel regretful that your kids didn’t have chance to learn violin when they were little. With Mr. Tsang, even your 13-year-old kid could start to learn violin.
Sammi’s Mom
Playing music on piano is a beautiful thing to do, while practising piano is sometimes boring. But my daughter doesn’t feel any boring when she’s having piano lesson with Miss Yim. Miss Yim is a very nice and wonderful teacher. She brings fun to piano learning and inspires my daughter’s enthusiasm on piano. With Miss Yim’s teaching, my daughter has improved a lot! She told me, “Mom, I love piano class!” You can imagine how happy I was when I heard that. Loving music, that’s what a good teacher brings to you kid.
Megan is an excellent piano teacher. My two children enjoy learning new skills and theory from her. She is patient and supportive, yet strict at the same time. They practise at home on their own as their homework is enjoyable and manageable. Megan also encourages them to perform whenever possible. She is honest in her feedback and provides constructive criticism on how her students can improve. My children continue to improve in their piano technique. I feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful teacher for my kids!
Joanne L
I have been at CDM for almost 2 years. I’m fairly new to dance so when I first walked in the doors I didn’t expect much. From the day I first came I have always felt welcomed, understood, appreciated and most of all cared about. The faculty is stellar and believe in every student no matter what size, race, financial situation etc.The environment is positive, productive and family-oriented. The training this studio offers is challenging but worth your money. I’m training in both Ballet and Contemporary dance and through these classes I have improved steadily. Their recreational program is fun and also a great learning opportunity, their competitive program is top notch and intense and they also offer music lessons. I don’t know how much more you could ask from a studio. I love how though it is small and in a bottom floor it is renovated bright and comfortable. The teachers always look for the best in the dancers and they all are incredibly trained professionals. Though it is far personally I absolutely love this studio. I strongly recommend it for any dancer of any experience level, age, or style. It is so versatile in what it teaches. They also offer great summer programs, an Arts Audition Program for those interested in an arts high school, master classes with choreographers and a whole leap of stuff. You will never be bored there is just something that keeps you coming back. CDM has opened so many doors and opportunities and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Hands down one of the best dance studios of Toronto.