Solo Seal Award

The solo seal award was introduced by RAD in 1928 and is an additional exam for students who have achieved the Advanced Certificate. This is the highest graded exam of the RAD and focuses on solo performance.

CDM’s Solo Seal program is an in-depth training program targeted to the solo seal candidate. Daytime and evening group and private coaching is provided by Miss Cynthia Fisher (a Dual Examiner of the RAD) as well as other certified members of the CDM teaching team. The program is designed specifically to prepare students for the solo seal exam, focusing on the assessment criteria of Technical Proficiency, Music, Performance and Accuracy of Choreography.

Further information on the Solo Seal examinations can be found on the RAD website.

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My daughters (3 and 5) really enjoy their creative movement and ballet classes. The March Break camp was especially fun! The teachers are very warm, personable, and amazing at what they do. The technique taught here to the older grades looks first rate.
Barbara Pal
Diversity, acceptance and healthy body image are core values in my family. So when I walked into CDM for the first time and saw students – girls and boys – and instructors of all shapes, sizes and races, I knew this was the place for my girls. The friendships they have forged with like-minded girls are comforting to me as a parent, and the standards set by Cheryl, Roxy and the other instructors make our girls better equipped to shine in the adult world and achieve their goals.
Julie R.
This is the second year My daughter takes Ballet class in CDM. She’s having wonderful time while dancing with all those same age girls. CDM has many professional dance teachers. They pass their skills along with their different styles and same passions to our little dancers. Every Tuesday while I’m waiting in the CDM hall way, having different age dancers walking by, I can feel the happiness of dancing. I also like the CDM summer camp. It gives a great opportunity to have fun and try different dances.
Grace, Sally's mom