Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop Dance

Ages 5 +

A high energy dance class with an urban street style of movement. More than 30 years old, hip-hop dance became widely known after the first professional breaking, locking, and popping crews formed in the 1970s. Hip Hop dance is even more popular now thanks to tv shows such as America’s Best Dance Crew. It is often featured in music videos.

Our Hip Hop Dance Classes feature stylized techniques and fresh hip hop combinations to the latest music. Dancers are sure to get a great work out for mind and body whilst helping to improve rhythm, personal style, and articulation.

Hip Hop Classes Summer 2019

Class Name Age Guide Day / Time Duration Cost
Register Kinder Hip Hop Summer Experience 4-5yrs Saturday 9:30am 45 mins $150
Register Beginner Hip Hop Summer Experience 5-7yrs Thursday 5:15pm 45 mins $150
Register Junior Hip Hop Summer Experience 8-12yrs Thursday 6:00pm 45 mins $150
Register Inter/Advanced Hip Hop
RegisterTeen Hip Hop
10 yrs +
11 yrs +
Thursday 6:45pm
Thursday 6:45pm
60 mins
60 mins

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