CDM Dance Fees & Policies

Fees & Policies – September 9th, 2019 – June 7th, 2020

Payment Policies Upon registration, you are committing to your classes / lessons for the entire season. Class content continues to progress throughout the entire season: Fall Season (Sept – June) or Summer Season (July-Aug) or for the full duration of Camps and Intensives excluding CDM Holidays (see below). A $40 Registration fee (per family per school year) is charged and Tuition is due in September. Tuition must be paid in one of the following ways: i) paid in full for the full season ii) by 3, post-dated cheques or by 3-Instalments by credit, debit or cash by the required tuition instalment due dates as set out in the Online Registration form. for Summer Season  there is 1 instalment. For dance classes, the non-refundable recital costume deposit will be automatically charged on November 18. Digital Permission forms will be distributed to all families for Dance Recital and/or Music  Concerts. Once these permission forms are completed, all accounts will be updated to reflect students decision to participate in recital or not. No deposit is required for music concert participation. The remaining costume balance and any outstanding account balance will be automatically billed in May (at the time of costume pick up). Refunds will not be issued for missed classes (see Absences below).

First Day of Fall Season Classes: Monday, September 9th, 2019 

Last Day of Fall Season Classes: Sunday, June 7th, 2020

Dance Recital Day 2020:  Friday, June 5th & Saturday, June 6th, 2020 

Holiday Music Concert – Sunday, Dec. 1, 2019 @6:30pm 

Year-End Music Concert – May 24, 2020 @2:30 pm


The following exception dates have been pre-calculated into posted tuition fees for all regularly scheduled recreational dance classes & music private lessons:

  • Thanksgiving Weekend: Sat & Sun ON as usual, Monday OFF
  • Hallowe’en: October 31st OFF
  • Winter Holidays: Monday, December 23rd, 2019 to January 5th, 2020 OFF (inclusive)
  • Family Day: Monday, February 17th, 2020 OFF
  • *March Break: Monday, March 16 to Sunday, March 22 (inclusive)
  • Good Friday & Easter Weekend: Friday, April 10th OFF, Saturday April 11th OFF (competitive tba), Sunday, April 21st OFF  /Monday, April 22nd Classes (ON for vocational & competitive classes only)
  • Victoria Day Weekend: May 16, 17, 18 All Classes ON (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

Payment Schedule for Fall Season 2019/2020

  • Instalment 1: $40 Registration Fee + Tuition Instalment for September 10th – December 2nd, 2019
  • Instalment 2: Tuition Instalment for December 2nd, 2019 – March 9th, 2020 + $50 Recital Costume Deposit (automatically charged to your account on will be removed if not participating confirmed via Recital Permission Form)
  • Instalment 3: Tuition Instalment for March 10th – June 7th, 2020 + balance of recital costume (if participating) in May.

Registration online, in person (during posted office hours) or by phone.

2019/2020 Recreational Dance Fees
1 x 30 minute class per week $190 + HST per term
1 x 45-60 minute class per week $225 + HST per term
1 x 75-90 minute class per week $290 + HST per term


This Agreement is between Upper Enterprises Corporation c.o.b. Conservatory of Dance and Music (“CDM”) and the Student (“Student”).  Upon online registration, the following policies are agreed upon and signed on behalf of the Parent/Legal Guardian of the Student.  The registration form is also considered to be a part of this policy. 

Assumption of Risk: I hereby certify that the Student is in good physical condition and able to participate fully in all CDM programs and classes for which the Student is  registered.  The Student, by virtue of participating in a CDM class and/or event exposes his/herself to certain and inherent risks. These risks include, but are not limited to, sprains, bruises, broken bones, and pulled muscles. Participation in any CDM class and/or event indicates the acceptance of such risk by the participants. CDM assumes that all participants are in good health and fit for dance.

Medical Emergencies: All current allergies, medical and behavioural conditions of the Student and those requiring medication have been disclosed on the online registration form. I understand that in the event that of a medical emergency, a representative of CDM will notify me as soon as possible at the phone numbers I have provided. In the event that I cannot be contacted to provide consent, I hereby authorize a representative of CDM to give consent for any medical treatment that may be required for my child. I understand the representative of CDM will use his/her best judgment in obtaining such service for the Student and that I will be responsible for any reasonably related expense.

Media Release: I grant CDM permission to use photos and video of the Student, taken within CDM premises, at recitals, performances and competitions, on the CDM’s website at and for any promotional material and social media websites (such as but not limited to: YouTube, Facebook & Instagram) related to CDM. I understand that these images will not be given or sold to any outside individual or organization. I am strictly restricted from taking any photos or videos of the Student or any other CDM student whilst on the premise of CDM facilities or as part of a CDM-related event.  I understand if I wish to obtain a photo and/or video of the Student, that I will contact CDM.  I also understand that CDM forbids any photos and videos being taken by a non-CDM representative, and CDM cannot guarantee that no third parties will take photos and/or videos of the Student while at a CDM class and/or event.  I bear the risk that such images and/or videos will be taken of the Student. 

Class Schedule changes / Classes closed by CDM: CDM reserves the right to close or cancel any lessons or classes, or to change an instructor of any lesson, without notice or liability other than to refund tuition fees received for lessons cancelled due to such withdrawal or closing, only if the class is not rescheduled. On any given day, Classes where 1 or 2 students are in attendance may be shortened to 30-minutes. CDM reserves the right to cancel any class with a low enrolment of fewer than 4 students.  For any withdrawals caused by a schedule change or closed class by CDM, we will suggest an alternate class for you. If a suitable class cannot be agreed upon, a withdrawal may be processed by credit without the $50 withdrawal fee. A make up class will be offered if a teacher is unexpectedly ill and a suitable substitute could not be found in time, or for any other unplanned cancellation.

Withdrawal Policies:. All withdrawals must be submitted via email to This email will determine the official withdrawal date. We offer credit for withdrawals until 4 weeks after the first start date of the season. There is no penalty for withdrawal before the first date of a season start date. (*exception for Camps below)  Tuition fees and Costume Fees are non-refundable. For the Fall to Spring season, Any student who withdraws from a class before October 10th will be charged a withdrawal fee of $50 and will be credited a pro-rated amount for Instalment 1. For the Summer Season and Summer Camps, any student who withdraws before June 15th will be charged a withdrawal fee of $50 and will be credited a pro-rated amount.  Any student who withdraws from a class on or after October 10th for the Fall to Spring Season or on/after June 15th for the Summer Season and Summer camps will have any post-dated cheques for subsequent tuition installation terms returned to them if applicable. However no tuition credits or refunds will be offered in the current instalment term.

*Camps: No refunds for camps after June 15. Only Credit. Cancellations prior to June 15, are subject to a $50 fee.

No refunds or credits will be given for days that a camper is absent, and missed days cannot be made up. A refund due to medical reasons may be considered if a written request is received within a week of the missed Camp and is accompanied by a doctor’s note.

Class / Lesson Cancellation due to Inclement Weather: Make up classes for group classes will not be offered due to inclement weather cancellations. Private lessons will receive a make-up credit.


I understand that No Refunds are given for student absences. An email is required to be sent AT LEAST 24 hours in advance to if the Student will be absent for a dance or music group or private class. in order to receive a make-up lesson credit:

Absences & Make-ups (Group Classes):

All make-up classes must be  completed after the absence occurs but before the end of the installation term of your absence. No make-up classes in the Fall – Spring season are permitted after March 31st. Make-up classes can be scheduled by email, ,in person at the reception desk or on the phone. If make up classes are not completed within the constraints above, the class(es) will be forfeited. Tuition cannot be “PAUSED” for extended absences.

Absences & Make-ups (Private Lessons):

Cancellation of a lesson must be made AT LEAST 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time in order to receive a “Make-up Lesson Credit” otherwise the lesson is forfeited and no refund or credit shall be provided. Lesson cancellations must be confirmed in writing via email to The time stamp of the email will determine official time of cancellation. Record of cancelled lessons for which adequate notice has been given will be updated on your account.  Make-up lessons will occur at the end of the term on designated days established by CDM. Missed make-up classes follow the same cancellation policy. Make-ups are confirmed and final only once posted on the Students online account.Verbal cancellations, cancelations, by phone or text messages are not accepted  as notification of a cancelled lesson.

Late Payments & Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF): Outstanding payments are subject to a 2% late charge after 14 calendar days from the initial payment due date as set out in the registration form. After 30 days from the initial payment due date, another 2% will be charged. After 45 days, CDM reserves the right to prohibit the Student from attending classes until full payment is received. After 60 days, third party collections may be notified.

The quality of our facility and programs depends upon a system of mutual respect and cooperation.  We understand that anyone may make a late payment from time to time, but please be respectful of our late fee policy and when applicable, graciously include your late fee in your next payment. NSF cheques are subject to a $25 charge. If your credit card information has changed, please notify the office before the next payment deadline. 

Late Start Policy:

Late Start Registration: Students who enrol after the start date of a term will pay the full instalment but will be given the opportunity for make-up classes to equal the number of classes missed in the session. We do not pro-rate for missed classes due to late registration. In the case where there are fewer than half of the number classes remaining in the instalment term, a drop-in fee will charged per class at the current drop-in rate.

Unattended Minors: Although child safety is a high priority for us. CDM does not assume any responsibility for the well-being and safety of minors. Students 6 years and under require a parent or guardian to remain in the lobby for the duration of their classes (camps exempt).

Personal Property: CDM does not assume any responsibility for personal property (including, but not limited to clothing, cameras, cell phones, purses, wallets, vehicles, etc.) lost, damaged or left unattended on school premises, in common areas and dressing rooms. Valuables should be taken into the classroom or locked in a locker if applicable.

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