CDM Dance Fees & Policies

Fees & Policies – September 9th, 2019 – June 7th, 2020

Our season is continuous throughout the school year with the last day of classes on Sunday, June 7th, 2020. Tuition is paid in 3 instalments (payable on the dates below). Commitment is generally for the full school year. However, students 6 years and under may register by paying for the first instalment, if they choose. A 5% discount on tuition is given for upfront payment for the full year. Payments are due before the start of each term or upon enrolment. Each instalment pays for approx. 12 weeks. New registrations for the Fall Season are welcome at any point during the year. However, new registrations in April and May may be encouraged to enrol for our Summer Term (July 2nd to August 4th, 2019).


First Day of Summer Season Classes: Monday, July 2nd, 2019 
Last Day of Summer Season Classes: Saturday, August 24th, 2020

First Day of Fall Season Classes: Monday, September 9th, 2019 
Last Day of Fall Season Classes: Sunday, June 7th, 2020
Recital Day 2020:  TBA


For regularly scheduled recreational dance classes & music private lessons

Winter Holidays: Monday, December 23rd, 2019 to January 5th, 2020 (inclusive)
Family Day: Monday, February 17th, 2020
*March Break: Monday, March 16 to Sunday, March 22 (inclusive)
Good Friday & Easter Weekend: Friday, April 10th, Saturday April 11th (competitive tba), Sunday, April 21st (no classes) / Monday, April 22nd Classes ON (vocational & competitive classes only)
Victoria Day Weekend: May 16, 17, 18 All Classes ON (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

Payment Schedule for Fall Season 2019/2020

  • Instalment 1: $40 Registration Fee + Tuition Instalment for September 10th – December 2nd, 2019
  • Instalment 2: Tuition Instalment for December 2nd, 2019 – March 9th, 2020 + $50 Recital Costume Deposit (auto charge will be removed if not participating confirmed via Recital Permission Form)
  • Instalment 3: Tuition Instalment for March 10th – June 7th, 2020 + balance of recital costume (if participating)

Registration online, in person (during posted office hours) or by phone.

2019/2020 Recreational Dance Fees
1 x 30 minute class per week $190 + HST per term
1 x 45-60 minute class per week $225 + HST per term
1 x 75-90 minute class per week $290 + HST per term

Withdrawal Policies / Refunds:
We have a very fair policy regarding our payment for tuition and subsequent assessment of late fees. Upon registration, you are committing to your dance class(es) for the full season: Fall Season (Sept – June) or Summer Season (July-Aug) excluding CDM Holidays, please see our calendar for details. A fall season has 3 tuition instalments. Summer Season has one tuition instalment. All withdrawals must be submitted via email to This email will determine the official withdrawal date. There is no penalty for withdrawal before the first date of a season start date. Students 6 years and younger on the withdrawal date will not be charged a withdrawal fee. Students 7 years or older who withdraw from classes at any point after the start of the season will be credited for the remaining amount of the tuition instalment, less a $50 withdrawal fee. Any student (7 yrs +) who withdraws before the mid-point of a term (6 weeks for the fall season and 4 weeks for summer season) will be charged a $50 withdrawal fee and refunded for the tuition of the remaining classes in the term. Any student (7 yrs +) who withdraws from a class on or after the mid-way point and on or before the first day of an installation term will have any uncashed post-dated cheques for subsequent terms returned to them. No refunds or credits will be given for the remaining classes in that current term of withdrawal. No tuition refunds will be issued after May 1st for the Sept-June season. Absences do not confirm that a student has withdrawn. Please note that although the current schedule is current, class times, dates, teachers and studio allocation ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE over the summer to accommodate low enrolment, staffing scheduling and other factors. Any withdrawals that families must make due to a schedule change incurred by CDM that does not work for your family, we will suggest an alternate class for you. If a suitable class cannot be agreed upon, a withdrawal may be processed without the $50 withdrawal fee.

Late Registration:
Students who enrol after the start date of an instalment period will pay the cost of the entire session but will be given the opportunity for make-up classes to equal the number of classes missed in the session. We do not pro-rate for missed classes due to late registration. In the case where there are fewer than half of the number classes remaining in the instalment term, a drop-in fee will charged at the current drop-in rate.


Some other expenses that may incur throughout the year at an additional expense:  Required Dance Uniform may include leotard, tights, shoes ($60 to $100 + hst), Recital Costume ($75-$125+ HST), Optional Professional Photography and Video products and services (per recital routine $20+hst & up), Optional Exam fees (Ballet RAD / Acrobatic Arts Acro) & coaching classes ($115 & up).


  • Online Payment Cheques VISA, MasterCard, AMEX (by mail or in-person)
  • Interac (in-person at the reception desk only)
  • Pre-Authorized Payments (Online by selecting Auto Pay, In-Person at the office)
  • Cash (in-person at the office only)


A credit card number is required to registerWe require four (3) post-dated payments at the time of enrolment. Any outstanding payments owed from the previous year must be paid before re-registering. Payment MUST be made before any dance class is taken. *Trial Classes excluded.


Online: Log in to your account: Do not create a new account if you have registered online before or if you have been previously enrolled in our system. Select your classes 1 at a time Once you have your selected classes in your cart, click ‘Next’. You will then be prompted to enter a promotion code if applicable. Our system only allows you to use one promotion code. You will then enter your payment details. click ‘Pay now’ and you will be prompted to enter your payment details. Note that all promotions will be added manually by our administration staff who will change the charge.

Pre-authorized Credit Card Authorization: If you would like to Pre-Authorized your Term tuition fees and any other fees due throughout the year (Including Recital Costume Deposit & Balance, Recital photo packages and DVDs etc), Please check the ‘Auto Pay’ box. IMPORTANT: Please note, that by checking this box, ANY charge that is added to your account will be automatically charged to your credit card. Alternatively, for Pre-Authorized payment, you may fill out the Pre-Authorized form and submit it to the office via email or in-person.

Post-dated cheques by Mail – By Mail: i) Mail 4 post-dated cheques + ii) completed registration form + iii) waiver

Mail to: Conservatory of Dance & Music – 5915 Leslie Street, Toronto, ON M2H 1J8 Payable to: Conservatory of Dance & Music (“CDM” will not be accepted).

Please include the following information in the memo of your cheque: Items may be combined on the same cheque but please make careful notes on the ‘memo’ line. A receipt is available upon request.

1. Student First & Last Name. (Very important!)
2. State what you are paying for: EX: Tuition term 1 +Dance Supplies (Shoes, Leotard etc.) or Recital Costume Deposit – Acro 1


  • *13% HST will be added to dance fees below.
  • Music Lessons and summer camps are (HST exempt)
  • A $40 non-refundable registration fee per family, per year, is required upon registration.
  • Discounts and Promo codes will be applied to your account by our administration staff manually. When calculating tuition fees, payment must be made for the higher priced class/es before applying discounts. Promotions are not transferable and may not be combined between siblings.

1 instalment term = approx. 12 classes

Tuition class rates vary depending on the teacher.

MUSIC PRIVATE LESSONS are paid in groups of 12 and range in price. Contact us for more information.
30 minutes $35  to $45 per hour
45 minutes $50 to $55 per hour 
60 minutes $65 to $80 per hour  

Go to our website:
Click ‘Register’ Button 
Click “ONLINE”
Create an account: use your email address and create a password

Days of Recital and Photography are counted within tuition. We do not charge a separate recital participation fee or photo shoot fee for photographers. One lesson will also be dedicated to trying on costumes. There will be no refund for classes missed due to Photo day or costume trying on a day for those who choose not to participate in recital or photos. Students who do not participate in the recital are welcome to take 2 make-up classes in term 3 in any other dance form at or below their level. 

Payment Policies (Music Private Lessons): Tuition payment is required upon enrollment. We require payment in one of the following ways: 1) per term payment of 12 lessons / 12 weeks. 2) OR payment for the number of lessons remaining in the term, if 5 or more remain in the term. If 4 classes or fewer remain in the term, payment for the following term is due. Refunds will not be issued for missed classes. Missed classes (details below) must be made up within the same Season and are not transferable to another student, term, or music class.

Absences / Missed Group Dance Classes: Please let us know if you will not be able to attend a dance or music group or private class via email or telephone. We will pass this information on to their teacher. Missed classes must be made up within the same term of your absence. Make-up classes can be scheduled online through your own online account in a class at or lower than the students current level. No credit or refunds are given for student absences. Tuition cannot be “PAUSED” for extended absences. Students can make up classes before and after an extended absence. Students who observe religious or cultural holidays not noted on our calendar that requires a student to miss a class can choose a suitable make-up class with the studio manager or director.

24-hour cancellation policy for ALL DANCE & MUSIC PRIVATE LESSONS: Cancellation of a lesson must be made AT LEAST 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time in order to receive a make-up lesson credit (called a Cancelled Lesson). Credit will be applied to the client account as a negative charge and reapplied to account once make-up occurs at the end of the term on designated days established by the CDM (example: holidays, PA days, Summer. Cancellation of a lesson made LESS THAN 24 hours ahead time (called a Forfeited Lesson) not received a make-up lesson credit. The class will be forfeited. Notice includes notice in person, a phone call, leaving messages on the answering machine or email to: Text messages to teachers are not considered notification of a cancelled lesson. Failure to attend with no notice at all (called a ‘No show’) or failure to notify the school/teacher within 24 hours is considered a forfeited lesson where no make-up credit nor refund will be issued.

Late Payments & Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF): Outstanding payments are subject to a 2% late charge after 14 days from the initial payment due date. After 30 days from the initial payment due date, another 2% will be charged. After 45 days, CDM reserves the right to prohibit students with outstanding fees from attending classes until full payment is received. Course of action may be taken including possible termination of enrolment.

The quality of our facility and programs depends upon a system of mutual respect and cooperation.  We understand that anyone may make a late payment from time to time, but please be respectful of our late fee policy and when applicable, graciously include your late fee in your next payment. NSF cheques are subject to a $25 charge. If your credit card information has changed, please notify the office before the next payment deadline.

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