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Promotions & Discounts for Dance

Sibling Discount (SIBDISC5%): A 5% family discount applies to parents enrolling more than one child at the same time. Siblings must share one or two parents. If a current student’s sibling(s) register late, the 5% family discount will apply, however, the original instalment rate for the current student will not be adjusted.

Save over 40% of your 4th class (4CLASSES19): Register and receive 50% off your 4th class (payments must be made for higher priced classes, per student may not be combined with siblings).

Referral Reward (FRND25): Receive a $25 discount if someone you refer registers with our school. Discounts will apply to tuition fees only.

Seniors 55 +yrs 10% Discount: A 10% discount applies to adults over the age of 55+yrs.

For registration online CLICK HERE.    

Promotions & Discounts for Music Private lessons

New Music Students: Sign up on the same day as your free trial lesson* save up to $60 on your first term tuition.

*Contact us for details. Terms and conditions apply