Competitive Program at CDM

Age requirement 5 yrs minimum (September). We are proud to offer our two award-winning Competitive Programs:  Part-time – Performance Companies and Full-time Companies. These programs are by audition only. Auditions are usually held in May/June and again in August/September. Contact us to find out the date of our next audition or to arrange an audition at any time during the year.

Part-time Program: 4 to 6 hours per week. Attends 2 competitions in April/May

Full-time Program: 6 to 12 hours per week. Attends 4 competitions in April/May

CDM is recognized for its excellence in dance technique training by many reputable adjudication authorities. In addition to being recognized for our innovative choreography, students have earned numerous individual student recognition awards. Students from our Competitive Program have also won Cash scholarships, as well as scholarships to prestigious schools and workshops.

Why join?

The competitive program is considered an extension of a CDM student’s learning environment. The focus is to educate our students in all many areas of the performing arts. We aim to develop and train students at a high caliber of technique & performance with the intent to foster the athlete and artist within each individual. We encourage building a strong sense of self-esteem, confidence and teamwork. Competitive students will build life-long friendships and learn the importance of cooperation, sportsmanship,  conflict resolution and time management skills.

Part-Time Program 

The Part-time competitive program is for the dancer who would like more challenge in their dance program, would like the ‘competitive experience’ with a less intense commitment requirement than the full-time program. They will perform at the competitive showcase, 2 competitions and recital. Students may participate in the part-time program as a transition to the full-time program. 

Full – Time Program 

The Full-time company is for students who wish to experience dance at a more involved competitive level, developing technique, performance and artistry at a pre-professional standard. CDM’s Competitive program offers this valuable opportunity performing in the competitive showcase, recital and attending 4 competitions, dancers gain on-stage performance experience not offered in a recreational program. Dancers may also participate in community performances as well.

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