Adult Dance & Fitness Classes

Adult Ballet Beginner/Intermediate

This class focuses on ballet technique which fosters muscle toning, strengthening & stretching, body sculpting, alignment, posture correction and core conditioning. The center work will introduce elementary steps, simple jumps, as well as turns. A great workout and no prior experience is necessary. Click ‘Register’ and create an account with us. You can choose to sign up right away. Not sure yet? No problem you can sign up for a trial class on us after creating an account.

Adult Contemporary

For adults interested in a great full body workout, contemporary is taught with a mixture of ballet and jazz.  The focus is on incorporating emotion into body spaces and lines.  Expression and style through dynamic movement are encouraged in combinations and dance routines.  A great workout and no prior experience is necessary.

Adult Tap

You will love this fun and lively way to exercise! Use your feet as the main instrument to show rhythm and coordination through various combinations of intricate steps. No previous dance experience necessary.

Adult Hip Hop

Our Hip Hop Dance Classes feature stylized techniques and fresh hip hop combinations to the latest music. You are sure to get a great work out for mind and body whilst helping to improve rhythm, personal style, and articulation. No previous dance experience necessary.

2019/2020 Adult Dance & Fitness Classes

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Class Name (Click to Register) Age Guide Day / Time Duration Session Charge
Adult Contemporary Adult Thursday 8:30 pm 60 mins $225+hst/instalment
Adult Tap Adult Monday 9:00 pm 45 mins $225+hst/instalment
Adult Hip Hop Adult Friday 5:30 pm

(Sept 13 – Oct 25th)

60 mins $131.25+hst/7 classes
Ballet Boot Camp Adult Friday 5:30 pm

(Nov 1 – Dec 13th)

60 mins $131.25+hst/7 classes


Option 1 – Registration for the full instalment ($225 +hst) or full class session ($131.25 +hst)
Option 2 – Promotion! 8 x Class Card ($150  +hst) *expires in 180 days of first class
Option 3 – 10 x Class Card ($190 +hst) *expires in 180 days of first class